6 Ways to Earn Money with USANA

usana business enrollmentMost people will probably spend their lives working a conventional job with only one way to make money – time for dollars.

But when you work an independent USANA business, you have the opportunity to earn income in six different ways.

1.Retail Sales
The quickest way to earn income is through retail sales, where you purchase USANA products at wholesale pricing, distributed to customers at retail pricing, and you take home the difference.

2. Weekly Commissions
The USANA award winning compensation plan offers an amazing opportunity to leverage your team’s efforts to earn a rewarding commission check every week. It’s as simple as using and recommending the products. The products are used every day and reordered every month. So you’ll have no problem maintaining a consistent stream of income. And because the USANA compensation plan is global, and you’re not limited to the number of levels you can earn from, your opportunity for growth is incredible.

3. Matching Bonus
USANA has reserved an additional income stream, above and beyond your regular commission’s through its unequaled Lifetime matching bonus. As you personally sponsor, and develop leaders in your organization quickly, you can earn a percentage of their sales commissions for life, as their income grows so does yours.

4. Incentives
USANA offers incredible incentives to keep you motivated in building a thriving USANA business. In addition to extravagant trips to exotic locations, USANA provides further challenging contests throughout the year, with prizes ranging from luxury cars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

5. Leadership Bonus
Once you attain the level of Gold Director, your income potential reaches new heights. You could now take part in the USANA leadership bonus. Each week, USANA sets aside 3% of its commissionable sales volume to divided among its top associates as a reward for consistent growth, and this is in addition to your weekly commission’s. As you achieve each additional rank, your leadership bonus also increases, which can eventually exceed your weekly commission’s.

6. Elite Bonus
As an additional incentive, USANA rewards its top sales producers, a share of millions of dollars in Elite Bonus each year, the more you grow your business, the better your reward. With so many ways to earn, it’s no surprise that USANA has already paid back more than 1 billion dollars in commissions and incentives to its associates.

Are you ready to start a USANA business and earn your share?