USANA’s Unique Joint-Support Supplement

You take thousands of steps every day – you walk, you run, you play. With each stride the sheer amount of force your joints absorbed is incredible equaling anywhere from two to five times your body weight and over time the deterioration of bone and joint health can become a serious issue.joint support

Fortunately your body produces glucosamine an amino sugar and key building block for healthy cartilage but as you age your body naturally slows the production of glucosamine making it more difficult for your joints to recover from normal wear and tear.

That’s why USANA has created a new supplement called Procosamine, which delivers 1500 milligrams of high-quality vegetarian glucosamine to provide your body with the vital components for healthy joint support.

Procosamine out-shines the competition by combining glucosamine with Mariva, a patented delivery form of curcumin, clinically shown to help improve joint comfort in as little as three months. That’s because Mariva dramatically improves the absorption of curcumin and as a result the curcumin is up to 29 times more absorbable than other products on the market. This makes Procosamine a one-of-a-kind formula for optimal joint support.

With Procosamine you can stay active and keep doing what you love.  So join the millions of people around the world including over 1000 elite athletes who have trusted their health to the worldwide leader in personalized nutrition – USANA Health Sciences.